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Quote Number LM200228
Quote Date February 28, 2020
Total $3,920.00
Lazy Magnolia

7030 Roscoe-Turner Rd.
Kiln, MS 39556

(228) 467-2727

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1 Bumpy Labels

(3 labels) Bumpy Margarita, Bumpy Screwdriver, Bumpy Blue. Pricing includes minor adjustments to artwork and layout. Additional designs or major overhauls to artwork will be quoted as needed. Price could decrease if artwork is provided.

1 Vanilla Southern Pecan

Change to Southern Pecan label, keeping 80% of the current artwork in tact (background, bird, swamp, etc). Changing pecan flower to vanilla bean/flower while attempting to keep the same style as the current Southern Pecan artwork. Pricing includes initial design only. Additional designs or major overhauls to presented artwork will be quoted as needed.

1 Website Redesign Option

Completely new website redesign to stay consistent with rebranding and style while eliminating old brands and adding new brands. All logistics to stay in tact (same content management system and hosting, blogging platform, store and merchandise, Individual beer pages, distributor portal, etc).

1 Minor website adjustments

As opposed to design overhaul mentioned in Item #3. Changing up Lazy Magnolia logos throughout site, removing old brands and adding new brands to site using same current site layout and format. Changing of hero image show on homepage to showcase new brands.

Sub Total $3,920.00
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Total $3,920.00